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20 August 2007 @ 04:58 pm
to: everyone@trashbatmailinglist.co.ck
from: barley@trashbat.co.ck
date: 20th Aug 2007, 4.45 pm
subject: PARTY!

Saturday 1st September. Saturday 1st of fucking September!

Make a note, jot it down, tattoo it on your face, I don't fucking care, but do not forget it, yeah? For that day will go down in history!

Because Saturday 1st September is the opening of Trashbat Museum.

And what is TBM? I shall share: it is cool; it is culture; it is history; it is the Trashbat. TBM is, in short, a homage to Trashbat website, Trashbat culture and the Trashbat years 2004-2005. It is a drop of history square in the middle of now.

The bash goes down at 6 pm Saturday 1st September at Trashbat HQ on Textile Street, Hoxditch, London. Dress code is cool, drinks are free and fun is mandatory. Turn up and get startled: remember the past, cool it up for the present and preserve it for the future.

Peace and fucking. Believe.

-Nathan Barley.